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-8% Bone Health Package

This gives you everything you need to get a baseline value of your bone health status, as well as a specific nutrient approach and follow-up test to make sure the nutrient approach is effective for you. If your bone density marker doesn't improve we will refund the cost of the Scoli StrongBones Formula product. There is no risk in trying! Since the ongoing loss of bone density can impact your current scoliosis therapy, or cause your scoliosis to worsen rapidly, taking a proactive approach is the best way to minimize this risk. The test kits included in this package are the at-home collection kits that you can mail directly back to the laboratory for processing. This is ideal for people who don’t live near a Quest draw station.

Purchase price includes pre-paid shipping and return shipping, test kits, and lab fees for both kits.

NOTE: The processing lab requires your date of birth to ensure accurate results.

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Bone Health Package

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