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Research suggests that over two-thirds of post-menopausal females develop scoliosis, or see their existing scoliosis significantly progress. One of the primary reasons this occurs is due to decreasing bone density that results from hormone changes and nutrient depletion during and after menopause. Scoli StrongBone Formula is important for this scoliosis patient population because without it, their bone density will continue to decline, allowing further progression of their scoliosis, which ultimately results in reduced mobility, reduced quality of life, and increased chronic pain. Even when these patients participate in scoliosis-specific exercise programs, the corrections obtained from these programs are less likely to be maintained if decreasing bone density is allowed to continue. Therefore, Scoli StrongBone Formula is recommended as a part of an overall, comprehensive treatment approach to scoliosis correction.


What makes "Scoli StrongBone Formula the most comprehensive approach for maintaining bone density?  It builds up the lost bone matrix, as well as re-mineralizes the bone!

The main ingredient is called Ossopan. It's calcium hydroxyapatite, the main component of bone and collagen. It also contains appropriate levels of calcium, Vit. D, phosphorus, and boron.


Declining Bone Density Causes Adult Scoliosis

Declining bone density is a major factor in adult scoliosis. It's essential that you find out why your bone density is decreasing if you have scoliosis. Menopause can lead to bone mineral loss which causes the spine to deteriorate rapidly. Bone density loss isn't just a women's issue, though. It may start earlier in women because of menopause, but studies show that by age 70, you lose bone density at the same rate regardless of gender. Millions of men have osteoporosis.

This loss of bone density combined with poor postural habits creates scoliosis curvature in areas of more compression. Maintaining good bone density may require hormone replacement therapy. You may also need nutrient supplements to maintain healthy levels of magnesium, manganese, boron, vitamin C, phosphorus and B vitamins.

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Scoli StrongBone Formula

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