New -20% Home Bone Density Test Kit Bone Density

Do you need Scoli StrongBone Formula, and how do you know if it's working?

This simple urine test can help you determine if you need Scoli StrongBone Formula, or allow you to measure it's effectiveness

Why should I take the test?

  • It will accurately and inexpensively determine and monitor your levels of bone that is building up or breaking down
  • Especially helpful since dexa scans are only performed every two years, but the urine test can be performed every six months
  • Testing is done via direct mail
  • Used as a baseline assessment of need, a follow up to determine effectiveness, and for continuing the supplementation


Purchase price includes pre-paid shipping and return shipping, test kit, and lab fees

NOTE: The processing lab requires your date of birth to ensure accurate results.

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Home Bone Density Test Kit

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