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The Implant Metals Profile tests the circulating blood levels of the six metals that are most commonly associated with orthopedic and dental metal prostheses or implants. The metal debris may be associated with excessive physical wear or corrosion of the metal alloys. The greatest release of the metals occurs when prostheses entail metal-on-metal (M/M) bearing surfaces. Many studies have shown that the released metal debris may be associated with localized tissue damage to bone and soft tissue, sensitivity reactions, and remote adverse effects on normal physiological and biochemical functions. The reported blood metal levels should not be solely used to make conclusions regarding the integrity of metals prosthesis devices.

Many patients suffer from the consequences of the released metal debris and the onset of symptoms can be “silent. “ Annual assessment of the levels of implant metals even in asymptomatic patients can be useful for preventive purposes.

The released metals may cause very significant damage to involved bone and soft tissue that too commonly causes misalignment and greater wear of the metal surfaces. Systemically elevated circulating and retained tissue levels of implant metals can impair liver Phase I and II detoxification, induce excessive oxidative stress, and compromise glutathione status. General signs and symptoms of implant metal toxicity include visual and auditory impairment, tinnitus, vertigo, cardiomyopathy, cognitive dysfunction /dementia, mood disorders, hypothyroidism, peripheral neuropathy and skin rashes.

There are several case reports regarding neurotoxicity and cardiomyopathy associated with the disseminated implant metal debris. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons generally recommends assessment of circulating metal levels for patienta with certain surgical implants annually if they're asymptomatic, and every 4-6 months if they're having pain or any of the above symptoms.

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Surgical Metals Implant Test Kit

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